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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Grizvok, Jun 5, 2008.

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    (Excuse the first part it is sort of a rant) When I first started playing tennis competitively I used an incredibly demanding racquet (i.Prestige mid) and I bought a FXP prestige mid back when the FXP was released. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the i.Prestige and still own the racquet but the FXP feels like the Prestige line was sort of "lost in translation" in some ways.

    I'm a bigger guy, 6'2'' tall and 170 lbs so I'm really leaning towards sticking with a mid-size racquet because I don't really have problems generating my own pace on my shots. I am a baseline player that uses an extreme eastern forehand and two-handed backhand and my shots are pretty big (especially my forehand) but my net play is pretty lackluster.

    My questions are two-fold. Firstly, what are some solid mid-size frames that I should try demoing? I've been intrigued in the MG Prestige since I hear it has some of its former glory and the K Blade Mid as well, since the reviews of the racquet seem to be pretty solid.

    And finally, I have never really demoed racquets before so I'm interested in how you find or recognize the right racquet for you? Do you immediately feel the smoothness of the frame and realize that it is right for you? Or does it take some real time and match play to pick the right frame to fit your game and what you are looking for.

    Thanks :}

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