A ROK user's experience with the NXG

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by vin, Feb 28, 2004.

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    Feb 18, 2004
    The NXG and Volkl Tour 10 V Engine are two racquets that I would have certainly liked to be around when I chose the rok, so I figured I'd give them a try.

    I was impressed by the feel of the nxg in my hand. It felt very maneuverable, probably due to being more head light than what I am used to (a head weighted rok).

    My first time playing with the nxg, I felt like I was getting more spin, a bit more power, and thought that it may be more comfortable.

    The second time out, I was switching back and forth between racquets. I added about 6g of lead to the head to make it more like my rok setup. Switching between racquets made me realize that I didn't like the nxg as much as I thought.

    Here are my observations on comparing the two.

    The reason that I thought the nxg might be more comfortable is because it has a slightly more muted feeling to it than the rok. On off centered hits, this makes the nxg much more comfortable, but on the sweet spot, the rok wins hands down with nice comfortable crisp feeling. What I find amazing about the rok is that it maintains the crispness with it's flexibility.

    Even with the lead on the nxg, I found the rok to be more solid. In actuality, I was hitting the ball harder with the rok, but that's probably mostly because I am more used to it.

    The huge difference for me was on serves. I served horribly with the nxg and was blaming it on my motion. As soon as I picked up the rok, BOOM, right back into my groove. Again, this might likely be due to the balance difference.

    Bottom line is that I am not impressed enough with the nxg over the rok to go through an adjustment phase. In fact, I think I just plain like the rok better because of it's feel and possibly it's balance point. However, I do think the nxg is a very nice racquet.

    For those interested, I have 10g of lead under the head grommet of my rok and 9g at the handle.


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