A sad truth


Hall of Fame
We celebrate players losing in earlier rounds of slams IF they give a high seed a fight, but we discredit slam finalists who got smoked in the final.

So much work has been done to bash Anderson W2018, Baghdatis AO2006 because they rolled over in the final, but we’ve heaped so much praise onto Verdasco for losing AO2009 semifinals, or Tipsarevic losing in the 3R of the AO2008. Why is that?


Hall of Fame
I’ve never agreed with this logic either. That Verdasco match was entertaining, but he still lost.

This was happening around the Aus open this year too. Kyrgios was a hero because he lost in 5 to Thiem, but Medvedev is a ‘mug’ because he was straight setted in the final.

‘Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser’