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I love the fact that AO kicks off the tennis season. The time zone kills me, though.

I love Roland Garros because it rewards ground strokes, the foundation of the sport, like no other surface. Nadal's dominance, however, makes it so predictable that I can't say it's my favorite.

I have a soft spot for the US Open because it's the only one I've attended, but I always feel sad when the tournament is over. Though it isn't, tennis season seems to be over.

So by the process of elimination, I grudgingly give the nod to Wimbledon. The you-can-hear-a-pin-drop silence when the ball is in play and the thunderous ovation that follows is unmatched in the sport.


Wimbledon matters the most even today

- Grass looks so beautiful and it is one of the 2 natural surfaces out there, more significant than red dirt. It costs a lot to maintain, it is an elite surface.
- UK is still economically one of the biggest countries in the world
- Every GOAT candidate is supposed to have a lot of wimbledons on their resume, that is the rule. Novak beat Fed 3-0 & beat Nadal in 2018, proved he is benchmark now.
- Wimbledon's prestige is still intact due to it being the surface with least tournaments on tour, what is less is always precious.
- Wimbledon field might be weak now but this is a transition phase, Novak is schooling next gens on how to play and when he gets beaten we will get net gen Grass champs.

So keeping all this in mind, Wimbledon is still the premier surface and slam.
It maybe was like that until the horrible decisions started in 2020. But cancelling the tournament for money and then in 2022 don't let the Russians play was just too much.

Also that grass is so rare doesn't add to prestige IMO, because nobody tries to peak on grass anymore (and that would be the requirement). It's all about hardcourt and to a lesser degree clay now. I think Federer was the last one to keep the tradition of Wimbledon being the pinnacle of tennis. It will be irreversibly over soon. The next gen doesn't see it as a pinnacle anymore. It's all about making money day-in-day-out, and being a grass specialist doesn't help.

The money stuff and people not caring for any traditions anymore is sad. However, the stuff with cancelling and banning makes me feeling like they deserve this development if they don't come to their senses very soon.


Right, said by a fan of a player who is vulturing Wimbledon titles for a few years now, in the weakest grass era of all time.

Wimbledon is now the worst slam.

I am a fan of Tennis first, only then of any 1 particular player.

However you seem too much invested in fanwars, so I must gently remind you that in sports there is no vulturing for a great player. Novak has beaten Fed 3-1 and Nadal 2-0 since 2011, that is why he is standing here with Federer at the top league of Wimbledon while Nadal is standing in the middle because he is not as great as Fed/Nole on Grass. Get over it.



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On the contrary the stock is intact because Novak is winhning. To be the man, you gotta beat the man. No compromise on quality, there are no easy wins for next gens, beat Novak and then take wimbledon if you can, those are the rules.
djokovic ploughing his way to easy wins has the opposite effect, it turns fans away from the sport when they see him steamroll a bunch of crap players
Pre Homogenization/Inflation Resume era Wimbledon. Post inflation beginning era (2001 or so) , then the Australian. Thats generally where the best matches have been. Well except this year. LOL. Wimbledon will never be... "Wimbledon" with slow tar grass.. Grass is fast. That the whole point of grass. Trying to adapt your game to the slick weird, low bouncing conditions and strike first tennis.

And actually the most lackluster slam has far and away been Wimbledon for the past 20 years. Especially the last 10 years or so. Awful tennis is being played there
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Wimbledon, mostly because it offers variety. Roland Garros is pretty cool for the large PC court and clay rallies being a bit different as well. Both are easier for me to see live on tv than the hardcourt slams due to timezones.

AO and USO are also nice, they can have years with a lot of amazing 5-set matches. I like the AO more because players are still fresh. However, you can see HC tennis in big tournaments all year long, moreso than grass or clay, so I find it a little less unique to watch.


French Open. I love watching tennis on clay with the longer rallies and more balance between offense and defense.


Having watched for three decades now, Australian Open has been constantly on top for me. Waking up to tennis, favorite surface, truckload of great matches and preferred outcomes.

Roland Garros was fun until the early 2000s or so. Not so much since then for obvious reason.

Wimbledon would be the opposite of that, because of Sampras and mostly the brand of tennis that was rewarding on grass at the time.

US Open has been consistently okay on average. Electrifying followed by forgettable, rinse and repeat.
RG gained my respect in the last 3 years, for obvious reasons.