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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by martymule, Aug 17, 2006.

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    I was looking a various racquets on TW and I had a question regarding the racquet "stiffness" ratings. Just how much of a difference is there between numbers? Is there a big difference between a racquet rated as a 63 and one rated as a 71? Or are they close enough that there's not much of a difference?

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    You will typically see racket stiffness ratings between about 58 and 70. The stiffest racket I have ever seen was rated 80, but nothing else is really close to that. As for size of difference, you probably won't notice too much difference between about 3 pts of stiffness depending on how in-tune you are with your racket. Anything more than 3 pts should be pretty noticeable, I think. It is hard to say for sure, though, because some rackets don't really seem to play like their stiffness rating suggests. My PS 85 is rated at 66, but it feels more like 61 to me. It feels much softer than 66. So for your question, yes, you would notice a difference between 61 and 73.

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