about rafael nadal 's 2018 wimbledon run



i think that 18 wimbledon sf fifth set , if novak djokovic 's passing shot was missed , tennis history is whole lot a changed
i am still wonder that why nadal goes into the net at that break point
nadal 's 2018 wimbledon run was i think really great
look at score that from first round to round 16
score is so clean
and del potro played his carrer best grass court match and still lost at nadal
and nadal played really great at semi final
he had a plenty of chance at fifth set
more than 7 break point i remember corretly

if nadal vs kevin anderson 2018 wimbledon final happend
nadal wins 3-0 easliy

mr tonyz

The 2018 Wimbly Semi was the best i've seen Rafa play in a loss . Follwed by the 2012 AO Final. Though the 2018 Semi i felt Rafa was consistently more aggressive for the entirety of the match which i don't think has ever happened in any Grand Slam match vs Fedovic has it?


Most people overlook fact that Djokovic had 3 or 4 break points in 2nd set. He was very close to break Nadal,and match would be over in 3 or 4 sets probably.
"Very close to be over in 3 sets" in your dreams, Djokovic having break points when he was down in the score of the second set doesn't mean he had a decissive advantage to win the set but rather a opportunity to equalize and keep fighting for the set. You are also overlooking that Nadal had set point in the tie-break of the third set to finish the match in 4.

Both had their chances to make the match shorter. At the end of the day, Djokovic was more clutch overall and deserved the victory.