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    As a university student that has to carry a laptop around all day but also can't wait forever for it to load, Acer really has hit home with the timeline models. I had a bad impression of Acer from before but now I'm ready to buy one of these in the winter break. Long battery life, light, thin, reasonable performance, affordable. It bridges the gap between netbooks and laptops.. Amirite?
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    Acer Timeline

    I have the 15.6 Timeline and I can tell you, it's been great. Battery life is outstanding, very light for a 15.6, and works well with the Windows 7 upgrade. If you don't use any intensive apps or games, you will find that the Timeline is great all around notebook. IMHO.

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    Working on my thesis.

    Looked for something to do my reading on. E-reader makes sense (Good: battery, weight, form factor, less eye-strain)... But the only e-reader that can display academic journal articles (with diagrams and so forth, full page required) is $800 or more.

    Oh, and when are they coming out with more? The Plastic Logic product is set for the RELEASE DATE to be announced next year. Right.

    Next best thing seems to be a tablet. Hits to battery life, eye-strain, weight, and... what's this? The only ones powerful enough to have a few PDFs, Internet for other research, word doc, etc. are ridiculously expensive.

    Fine. A small notebooks with a 10-12" screen. Nearly all "netbooks" (this is just a silly term rather than saying "small notebook with less power") are ruled out due to extremely slow processors, or horrid battery life, weight, etc. New processors for these products coming next year.

    And then there was the Timeline 1810T (I picked up the TZ, T was out of stock). 8-9 battery hours doing my reading. just over 3 lbs. Small enough to hold like a hardcover (rotate screen), but still accommodate reading (scrolling is possible in a computer, so size isn't as important - e-readers don't scroll well). Powerful enough for anything I throw at it short of real gaming. I'm very pleased. HDMI out is a nice bonus.

    IMHO this line is the absolute best out there right now, depending on your needs.

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