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  1. Hi recently I've been trying to correct this problem with my serve... when I make contact with the ball I have trouble hitting it with my arm fully extended. I've been trying to make contact with the ball at a higher point and I've been tossing the ball a bit higher too. This arm bending is much more prevalent when I'm tossing on the deuce side... what can I do to alleviate this thanks.
  2. vinky

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    Dec 24, 2005
    It's difficult to really give any insightful info without really seeing you hit, but one guess would be that when you get into your "trophy stance" your upper hitting arm is too close to your side of the body, and you're not getting around a 90 degree bend in your hitting elbow. Just a guess, though..
  3. xtremerunnerars

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    Sep 29, 2005
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    One drill that really helped me was standing near the fence, and trapping a ball against it. You can't do it if your arm is bent...and it helps in getting the ball at the peak.
  4. Kevo

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    Feb 3, 2005
    Hit up and forward to the ball. Try throwing the ball about 16-20 inches in front and above your head so that you have to stretch out and lean into the serve while "throwing" your racquet up to the ball.
  5. TennsDog

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    Feb 26, 2004
    I think exaggeration is one of the best ways to fix many things in tennis. It can work well for service extension as well. Basically, you're tossing a bit higher and trying to swing earlier or whatever, but you still have the mental block of wanting to make sure you get good contact. This is likely subconsciously forcing you to make other small changes that you're not even aware of to compensate for the changes you're making intentionally. So what you do is either toss it "way too high" or swing what seems ridiculously early, such that you might even feel that you'll miss the ball altogether. You may end up catching a few off the top of the frame or you may end up with clean contact at full extension. Just try it and see how it goes, see how it feels.
  6. TENNIS_99

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    Jun 8, 2005
    to me, the key to full extension is my shoulder. if i can relax my shoulder enough i can prevent my hand and arm overworking in the swing and swing like flipping a whip.

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