Achievements at Wimbledon - Murray

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    I thought it might be interesting to look at some of the achievements that Murray could achieve at this year's Wimbledon:

    If he reaches the semifinals, it will be his 13th Grand Slam semifinal. Mats Wilander reached 14 Grand Slam semifinals in his career and won 7 Grand Slams. Murray has won one Grand Slam. If he reaches the semifinals and never wins Wimbledon, he will join Novak Djokovic (French Open), Ivan Lendl (Wimbledon), and Borg (U.S. Open) as the only players to reach 5 or more semifinals at a Grand Slam and never win that Grand Slam.

    If he reaches the finals, it will be his 7th Grand Slam final. Jim Courier reached 7 grand slam finals in his career and won 4 Grand Slams. If he loses the final, he will have the same record in Grand Slam finals - 1-6 that his coach, Ivan Lendl once had.

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