Achilles heal brace.


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Is there a brace that will stabilize an achilles heal for tennis? I have seen some taping videos but they look kind of complicated or they are hawking some special tape.
I have a nagging tendon issue and being out of action when the weather is nice is not an option.


Superfeet insoles have a heel cup to stabilize the heel and keep pressure off the Achilles. Combine that with eccentric heel drop exercises and that should help the issue considerably.
Thank! Ill look into those. Also are the achilles relief socks any good as well?
I've recently been having a lot of achilles pain. Went to a podiatrist and found out that I do have bone spurs on both feet. Was basically told that I just don't stretch enough. She did recommend sleeping in a nighttime splint (easy to google) is one of the best methods to help your Achilles. Haven't bought one and tried it yet. I do own some of the compression socks, and they do help relieve the pain a bit.


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Sorry about the spurs. I was looking for socks that stabilize if possible in order to avoid doing a complicated bandage wrap. Perhaps a heal cup may do the trick. I know with skiing, you can get orthotic inserts to stabilize your heel in the ski boot.