Achilles injury


Hi guys,

Couple of months ago, I injured the achilles on my left foot. I just felt something pulled while serving (no contact with the surface or anything). It wasn't something too bad, but a discomfort. I have played sporadically with an ankle support, but still feel some discomfort. As mentioned, nothing too bad but a discomfort when I move my feet in certain way. Sometimes I feel that discomfort at night, while sleeping. Any recommendation on the best way to treat this? I already made an appointment with my Dr, but it is crazy that I need to wait six weeks to be treated. Thanks.

Court Karma

Do you have any nodules building up on the Achilles (scarring from injury)? I regularly roll my Achilles Tendon gently between my thumb and finger - like a pencil - to help break down the scar tissue that forms.