Ad/Deuce side service toss


For lefties on the Deuce court and righties on the Ad court the toss lines up with your positioning and the toss location and the momentum carries you towards the box you are serving to.

When the opposite happens (lefties-Ad, Righties-Deuce), for me the body seem to be rotating more to get the ball to the other side and the overall motion don't seem to be as intuitive as serving on the other court.

Do any of you feel this? Is your toss location slightly adjusted when serving to different courts? I want clear my confusion because my deuce court serve feels a lot different from by Ad court serve.


So two baby seals just died right now?

Anyways, maybe you do the same? You just point your body towards the deuce side (if you're righty) more?


for me, i noticed that when serving to the deuce side, i toss the ball a little more the the left. and when serving to the ad side, i toss the ball a little more to the right.
I'm righthanded. When i'm serving duece, my back is somewhat faced to where im serving. When I'm serving ad If i lined up the same way I would be facing the court wide open, which would mean I have to learn a whole new serve and change my toss. Instead I close my stance off to ad court when i serve to make it similar to when im serving to duce.

Does that make sense?


I have a semi open stance so my toss is the same for both sides. But if you line up with your leading foot parallel to the base line, your best toss line is too follow the right net post, this will allow you to hit both corners in each service box.