Adam's K90 demo program!


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Basically, I have all these K90s sitting around.
If I ever want to use a player's frame, it'll be the PSL.


I might sell some.

But I figure I might at least try and give some back to the forum for being so helpful. So I'll put whatever I don't sell into a kind of pay-it-forward demo system for anyone in America who, for whatever reason can't try one where they are and would like a hit with the Wilson prostaff line.

To start off with, I'll say you get it for about a week, and then you box it up and send it to the next person on the list. If you want to restring any of them, go for it.

To get onto the list, post here asking to be on. Buuuut, you have to be...

From America
Either 1/2 or 3/8 gripsize.
decently stocked up on positive references.
able to ship it on to the next person. (you provide the money for this)
Very nice to racquets. No abuse please.
unable to get a demo by you.

So yeah, sign up whenever, I'll try and get the list up.

Also, sorry to TW if this is a threat to them in anyway, I don't see how it could be and waited until the K90 went off the demo list to do it.
If it's not okay, take this thread down immediately.
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