Addicted to graphite in the dunlop 300g's


just got a pair of them. a little on the lighter side but after weighting them up to 326grams (so far. will probably add another half ounce but i like them so far they play much nicer. there's something about the type of graphite these frames use that makes them stiff but not in a hollow way like the babolat/wilson juice/ any modern frames. i used to use the hotmelt 200g's and i distinctly remember the same type of stiff but not hollow feel. i'm very suprised that the feel is so similar and distinct after all these years. i was so blown away by the feel i have with these sticks that i'm getting 2 200g xl's as well. if there were some way to get the 400g as a 12 ounce version i'd probably be the happiest dude ever. worthwhile demo people. these 300g's are special.


I've been playing with two (now down to one) aerogel 4d 300 tours leaded with around 10g lead in the hoop (centered at 3 and 9 o'clock), and I understand what you mean. I've tried many demos and racquets but can't find one that suits me better than the 4d 300 tour.
But now that dunlop has changed the 300 line (and new 4d 300 tours aren't available anywhere), I'm thinking of getting the HM200 or the biomimetic 300 tour (available at the auction site) to lead up. Which do you think might be closer to the setup I described? I suppose I'll buy the HM200 for old time's sake anyway.


I used to play with the Hotmelt 300g and they play very different to the 4D300 Tour which I currently play with now. The closest to the 4D 300 Tour is the Biomimetic 300 Tour. The main difference is the slightly lower swingweight and slightly stiffer feel of the Biomimetic 300 Tour. Otherwise, I am able to switch between the 2 with minimal adjustment. I still own and play with a Biomimetic 300 Tour on occasion.