Adding lead increases "solidness"?


I define as solidness as feeling the racket like something that ain't gonna move anywhere when hitting (a good grip helps) at the sacrifice of some feel. Adding a specifically located mass (on the Y so the impact in balance is kept to a minimum) on the contrary of evenly distributed mass, will help on this or lead is applied to change the balance and/or swingweight only?

Thanks for your comments!


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I put some at 3 and 9 if I sense a lack of stability on contact i.e. twisting in my hand too much.
I also feel that some racquets are just too light and don't have the weight to make a solid contact and vibrate, twist, flex too much or just don't have enough plow through to hit heavy balls back with. Here you can add lead just to get the weight, typically on the hoop at 6. I put some just above the grip quite a lot, makes them more headlight (but only slightly) and also increases weight