Adding lead to the bottom of the buttcap


I have been wanting to add a little lead to my handle but have been unable to remove the buttcap on my racquet (TT Radical). I have also seen a few guys post here with the same problem.

So, bought some lead tape, removed my overgrip and simply stuck a few layers (about 8 grams) on the bottom of my buttcap. I then got a leftover piece from a leather grip and stuck that on top of the lead (don't wanna get posioned:shock:) and made it all neat and tidy with some duct tape. Then I put another overgrip on, thus hiding the edges of the duct tape.

I estimate the bit of leather and duct tape to weight a couple of grams, so I now have abut 10 grams on the end of my handle. When I do my very scientific and accurate 'stick my finger in the throat of the racquet and balance it' test, the racquet is precisely 'a little bit more' head light.

So fellow buttcap strugglers, you now have a slipshod method of adding weight to your handle. Of course, it means the pretty makers design on your buttcap is hidden, but I recommend putting a sticker of your favourite sports team on there to further customize your racquet! I have just ordered a sheet of Arsenal stickers from fleabay for this very purpose.


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I did something similar to a lighter racket i have which is 1 pt HL.

I put two 9 gm coins on the bottom of the buttcap, taped over it with black electrical tape. And then put back my usual overgrip.
So i get 18 gms there, no lead.

There's a thread titled "Alternatives to lead tape".