Adding pace - specific how tos?


I wish I could stop watching my shots.

I swear, that one improvement would be worth .5 NTRP.

I'll add to that: "I wish I would stop standing still and watching my shots"

I'm so trained by golf to track the ball and spot the landing that I really have to work hard to "hit - recover" and keep those feet moving. Oh to have started in this tennis business at a young age.


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I wish I could stop watching my shots.

I swear, that one improvement would be worth .5 NTRP.

So I was working on my serve at a court by myself at the club and a pro wandered by to kibbitz for a few and asked me ... how are you serving when you don't look at the ball? I looked at him like he had three heads .... no seriously, you are NOT looking at the ball, you are looking at the court.... he started laughing and walked away.

Worked on it of really holding my head at impact and it felt so unnatural .... especially as I was no longer seeing it cross the net and land ... I swear that one change added at least 5mph and everything landed in the box.

I had a great serve for level before this .... I just don't know how ...

And @Dartagnan64 ... yeah .. admiring shots and then losing the point because of it ... guilty as charged!


Try this, core rotation drills to add rotational power. Arming the ball will only get you so far. Adding your core and using the kinetic chain will get you easier power. Learn to hit on the rise. Being short forces you to do it more often or else the ball gets over your head.

Camilla Giorgi is a big hitter on the ladies tour and hits on the rise often and she isn't a big girl by any means. She can be inconsistent though but learning to hit early adds pace without swinging harder but you have to watch the ball more carefully. Simplifying and cutting down on the size of your backswing helps to hit earlier also.
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OP, does your racquet make a whoosh sound when you swing it (without hitting the ball)? if not, i would start there. loose arm and use your lower body. check out the "lock and roll" video on the use of lower body. that should be enough to get you started.

being strong is good but doesn't make you swing the racquet faster. it should help you from getting injured when hitting the ball harder though.


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Focus on opponent, not your shot..but keep track of shot while recovering into position.