Adidas courtjam control sizing


How did everyone find the sizing on the courtjam control on comparison to the barricade 2021, solematch bounce and gamecourt 2.0.
I have tried the barricade 2021 which are good for me size wise but with the fit itself I am having issues, the solematch bounce were slightly too short in length in my normal Adidas UK11.5 . I did try some gamecourt 2.0 which felt a bit cheap to be honest but in the UK 11.5 they were too tight in the toe box and in length slightly so was wondering how the courtjam control were comparing as they are one of the only Adidas I haven't tried yet?
They look the same as the gamecourt on the pictures so I'm wondering if they are a smaller fit like them too?
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I tried to coirtjam control tonight in a size 8 and the soulmatch control in an 8 felt like I could go down to 7.5 possibly in the courtjam and I would need to go up to 8.5 in the soulmatch it's been a while since I tried on the barricade but I think that 8 and 1/2 feels like the courtjam 8