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Hello, I'm hoping to get a pair of Adidas Barricade or Bercuda. My Usual size is US 9.5 (90% of the time), and sometimes 10, depending on the brand and type of shoe. Anybody has an idea of the Adidas Barricade or Bercuda's fit? TW states that it fits true to size, but I want to double check with you guys.

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Which Barricade are you referring to? For the Barricade 6, the fit is about right. I wear 9.5 in most cases and the B6 is a tad narrow. If you wear thick socks, go a half size higher. Make sure you break in the shoes for a couple of sessions before passing judgement. I like these better than the previous version because they don't feel quite as clunky. For wider feet, definitely go a half size higher. Hope this is helpful.


B6 need a half size up. I wear size 11 B5 and the B6 crushes my toe and is much narrower. Also I have the exact opposite of get it in, I feel like the 6's are more clunky, but I could probably attribute that to the fact that I don't trust them when I play since I feel like I'm going to roll an ankle if I reach for a shot.


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What shoes are you comparing to ??
I wear the same number in barricades/feathers and the Nadal 2.3 CB shoe.
Babolats usually run small but the other companies I've used are pretty much true to size.
Having a shoe fit the shape of your foot is a whole different story though...and some shoes will always be more comfortable for some people than other shoes with similar size.


Thanks for the help. It's Barricade Team actually. I ordered both the 9.5 and 10 (Adidas gives a refund with free shipping back, so why not...). Haven't played yet, still in the process of choosing, but I think I'll stick with 9.5. The shoe is a bit narrow, so I can see why some people go for half a size higher, but I really don't like the feeling of having too much space in front of my big toe (size 10 is slightly more comfortable when I slip my foot in, but the shoe seems to bend in the wrong spot when I walk). I guess my little toe might ache a bit after the 1st few hours, but I've been there before with squash shoes and it turned out great. Also, and correct me if I'm wrong, I believe the Barricade Team isn't as stiff as the Barricade 6, so it shouldn't be too long for me to get comfortable (what do you think?).

The Prince t-22 is great too, tried a pair at the store. Wider, definitely more comfortable right off the bat, but it was almost twice the price and they didn't have my size.
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Bump (must choose rather quickly in order to return the extra pair in time to get a refund...)

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Barricades fit slim in the front of the foot. Bercuda isn't as snug up front. They both run true to size in length. I usually wear a 9.5, in Barricades I have to wear a 10, Bercuda I wear a 9.5