Adidas shoe upgrade suggestions


I just re-introduced myself to tennis this year, buying new gear and loving the game. Since the only tennis shoe name I knew from 25 years ago was Stan Smiths, I got a pair. They fit my foot well, only occasionally do I feel like my toes get jammed into the front. I was interested in upgrading to a shoe (would prefer to stay with Adidas) with more over-all cushioning, especially in the heel to help my joints last longer.

Can anyone suggest a shoe that fits like the Stans but with the new technology? (FYI) I don't have rating yet, but would probably be a strong 3.5 or weak 4.0 (according to the USTP descriptions) and my forte is quickness/all court.

Thanks for your replies!
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i think if you are an adidas fan the you probably cant go wrong with the barricade line...i think the 2 and 4 are best...


For supreme cushioning, go with the Adidas Barricade (any model). If you need the shoe to be super-light, try the Adidas CC Feather II. A nice compromise between comfort and weight is the Barricade II; you really can't go wrong though with any of the Barricades.


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was with barricade 3s when i first took up tennis, very good

now i'm wearing the a3 prevail, feels better than my B3s, maybe because the B3s were 1/2 size larger

when my prevails die, i'll probably try out prince ms4