Adjust tension when changing gauges????

When you change the gauge of a string, all else being equal, do you change the tension one way or the other? Example: you're using a certain multi in 1.30 and it has all the qualities you want (power, control, etc.) but you decide to experiment with that exact same string in a .120, to get just a little more bite. You string the .125 at 50 lbs. What tension would you use with the 1.20 to keep from losing the qualities you like about it? Is there a general rule of thumb for adjusting tension as gauge goes up or down?
Think of the 1st trial as exactly that, A TRIAL. Changing tension at same time as changing gauge may have you scratching your head thinking "What just happened?" Do you blame the gauge or the tension? You don't know if you changed both. For clients that switch back and forth between 15L and 16 Ga, I have a record of their desired DT/ref tension for each gauge. For a newbie, I recommend not changing both at the same time.

The problem I have encountered with trying to maintain DT at different gauges is that the thinner string seems to stretch differently even if they start out with the same DT. My adjustment, though, is more in the neighborhood of 4-5# /0.05 mm change in diameter (round string.)
Last time i tried this, i think 1r2 lbs was what i chose first, i think I also would go 2r3lbs up/down based on thickness change and trying it myself,,


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Typically when I change a string, I like to string it similar tension to what I currently play with. There are exceptions of course. Say I go from poly to gut. I may have to take an educated guess and then create a new baseline for comparison. Then string again after adjusting to my observations.

But if I am going to the same string with different gauge, then I would keep all other aspects the same. Then feel the difference. Then adjust.
If you're wondering about a 1.20g, compare it to other 1.20g that you've tried - even across different brands. Within a string line there can be a great variance in how different gauges perform and how they respond to tension. So if you've liked other 1.20 strings @52, try the new one @52 regardless of brand. If there are glaring characteristics that make it different, go up or down a little. See how you like it and try again.


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it really more about the string's stiffness (at the same reference tension) more that the gauge. some variances can be minimal, so can be higher. I have even had thin gauges (same string), stiffer that the thicker gauge.But in general, keep in simple, logical, baby steps, dropping at a few pounds, and you will be fine...if not ..change it..
It only a stringbed...not the end of the world....
Change = time & money + common sense ....are you ready for it...
Also make it positive and fun...hell it is tennis....