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    Sep 18, 2010
    I have been tweaking my string setup in an effort to increase the life of my strings. I have been playing Pacific Classic gut 17g in my mains, and MSV Hepta-Twist 17g in my crosses. I find the Hepta-Twist goes dead before the gut breaks, so I wanted to try some different crosses to see if they might last a little longer. I also wanted to try a better gut, so I picked up some Wilson Natural gut 16g.

    The first thing I tried was switching to Babolat Hurricane Feel 16g in the crosses. I liked this setup a lot, and while I felt I gave up a bit of spin potential, my volleys were crisper and my serves had extra pop and kick. The SB tension also remained higher longer, so that worked according to plan.

    (Stay with me here, I know I'm throwing a lot out there ;) )

    Next I tried the Wilson gut 16g with the Hurricane Feel 16g. This came off the stringer a good 4 lbs tighter than my typical stringbed (I string everything at 55/51). It also played tight, and required a lot of adjustment on my part. I also didn't think the Wilson gut felt/played any differently than the cheaper Pacific Classic gut.

    So now what? My goal is to have a responsive, spin-oriented string bed that lasts a reasonable amount of time (my Pacific/MSV combos are lasting about 12 hours). My first thought is to string the Wilson 16/Feel 16 at 50/47, and see how it plays.

    Do I want to try the Wilson gut in 17g? Should I try the "spinnier" Hepta-Twist in 16g (the Hurricane Feel definitely holds tension longer)? Anything else I should consider?

    All opinions are welcome!

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