Adopted a Pro Kennex Copper Ace 90 yesterday!

Sometimes the tennis gods reward you for going on your silly little daily walk and offer up a free side of the road racquet for your enjoyment!

Came across this Pro Kennex Copper Ace 90 on the corner with a sign that said "FREE" and couldn't help but be intrigued! I hadn't heard of the racquet before, but some previous commenters on these forums claim it to be a nice little gem that is somewhat reminiscent of a flexier Prestige Classic? Either way, it feels great in-hand and the condition is surprisingly excellent for a stick its age. Tossed a fresh Wilson overgrip on it and eager to hit the courts as soon as this rain leaves town.

I'm a huge fan of heavier midsize racquets, so stumbling across this beauty as a K90 / Phantom 93p user felt too good to be true!

Curious, what do ya'll know about this racquet? Anyone have a full spec sheet on it by chance?

This is one wonderful stick. I have one. Hits the ball a ton. Great control as always.
Nice! Still haven't given it a hit just yet (been wet and rainy here in Colorado), but excited to give it a go and compare it to my K90/93p. Have a feeling it'll need a fresh set of strings though because it's unclear how long the current set has been in the racquet and they appear to be cheaper nylon.

SO much teal back then...bikes, rackets, cars. Pretty color ;)
Like I said in another forum, I'm not mad about it! Looks even better in-person and think I have a soft spot for a good, vibrant teal. Reminiscent of old Miami Dolphins/Charlotte Hornets uniforms haha