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    adtran, Anthony Tran, e-mail,

    I wouldn't trade or do a transaction with this fellow again.

    About a month ago, we agreed on a trade. I sent him a Yonex Ultimum RD TI-80 4/14 that was in pristine condition (I purchased it new just a few weeks prior).

    He sent me a Yonex RDiS 100 MP, and his ad said that it was strung with Solinco Revolution or Pro Hurricane Tour, and that it was a 4 1/4 grip size.

    His ad:

    He sent his stick, which I give him credit for. But it was a 4 1/2 grip size, and it was strung with Prince synthetic gut.

    When I questioned him on this, he claimed that he had the grip shaven down to 4 1/4, and that he needed a spare at one point before he traded the stick and restrung with the synthetic gut.

    (His exact responses:

    "It says 1/2 but I had it shaved down."

    "Its because I needed a spare before I sent it n accidently snapped the strings n that's all I had")

    I measured the grip size of his Yonex, and it was right around 4 1/2. But even if he had shaven it down, I believe he should have mentioned this in his ad.

    He's selling the Yonex that he got from me here:

    I can vouch for the condition of this Yonex Ultimum RD TI-80 because I know it was in pristine condition when I sent it to him. And it was a true 4 1/4 grip.

    He wouldn't even do me the courtesy of letting me know that he received the Ultimum, even after I e-mailed him twice to check. My guess, and this is speculation on my part, is that he wanted to see if I would leave feedback on his questionable behavior, and if I did, he would have claimed that he never received my stick.

    Here's what I wrote to him after I received his explanations:


    I think you should have communicated these points with me before we
    agreed on this deal.

    If I knew that the grip was shaved down, I wouldn't have gone through
    with this - a shaved down grip reduces re-sale value in some eyes,
    including my own.

    I'm not interested in compensation or leaving you negative feedback.
    As a fellow human being, I'd like to know if you agree that you could
    have been more responsible with this trade.


    His response:

    "Now that you have put it that way than yes I see. I had no idea that you would have felt that way I apologize"

    Bottom line: I strongly feel that the TW community needs to know about this fellow. Like I said, I can vouch for the ultimum that he's trying to sell right now because it was my stick, but I would hesitate to believe him on anything else.

    I have several positive references under my username, jonahnaturals - please look me up if you'd like.

    Hope this helps prevent Anthony Tran from ripping someone else off.

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