Advice! I think it's time for me to switch


I've been using Yonex Vcore Ftour 93 since it came out and everytime I try something new I go back to it. But they're getting old now and I might actually have to switch. Anything I should try.

P.S. I tried Aero Pro Drive, Solinco Tour 8 and 10, Ezone AI 98, Prestige pro so far


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What did you think about the racquets you tried/is your current racquet in need of change atm? (Is there anything wrong with it?)


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If you want to keep the smaller head size, I would look at the Prestige Touch Mid, Burn 95 Countervail, and Yonex VCORE SV 95. You could also look at the Phantom Pro 93P and Volkl PB10 Mid, but they are both over 12oz strung (I think your Tour F 93 is about 11.5?). Looks like from your signature you also play with some Yonex 98s. If you are interested in that route, I would check out the DR98. If you tell us more about what you are looking for, we could give more specific recommendations.