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Hello TT forum users !

I have lurked the forums for a while now and would like some advice on a new racket.

I practice tennis regularly (two/three times a week). I guess I am around 3.0 or 3.5, I play with a one-handed backhand and I like to play from the baseline and come to the net from time to time (I can't really "brand" myself with a particular playstyle, because I feel I am not good enough to have a standard playstyle).

I have played with a Babolat Pure Storm Ltd. for about a year now (I bought it with on discount at 80$) and after I played with my friend Aero ProDrive and ProDrive Cortex recently, I feel I want to change racquet. The PSL is so unforgiving compared to the APD, it makes the game simply less "fun". I can return ball so more easily with the APD and hit decent balls with just a flick of the wrist when I'm late - I love it. The only area where it is not as solid as the PSL is the backhand (APD hits more regularly but less penetrating shots than the PSL).

I am canadian and can't demo on TW so I want some advice before buying anything. I am also interested in buying a used racquet on the forum so older frames are also a possibility. I play with Pro Hurricane Tour in the mains and Wilson NXT on the crosses (if I recall well) with tension ranging from 48 to 55.

One last thing, one other frame I remember trying is the Pure Drive and I hated it. I felt the ball always flew away, it was way too strong.

Here are some frames I thought I could buy / try to demo somwhere :
- Wilson BLX 6.1 95, 16x18
- Babolat Pure Storm (Tour/non-Tour, GT/non-GT)
- Babolat AeroPro Drive (any types)
- Head Prestige Pro
- Head Youtek Radical Pro
- Head Youtek Extreme Pro

Any advice/ideas ?


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Do you happen to have any local tennis shop in your area that has demo programs? Even Sport Chalet has a demo program ($2 a day for my store)!

The PSL is the most demanding racquet in the Babolat line. So don't blame yourself for not wanting to switch racquets. And from what I can understand, you want the solidness of your old PSL, while getting a racquet that is much easier to use and more maneuverable. Maybe add a bit more power and spin.

If you're on a budget, go for a LM Radical MP ($70).
If you have enough to splurge on a racquet, you should look into a Babolat Aero Storm Cortex, or the Babolat Pure Storm GT.
Those racquets sound like what you would like to have.

One more thing. Don't use PHT.....


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If you own some lead tape and can find CAPs, definitely go with the LM rad. Great to customize to your own specs.


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I found a local shop where we can demo rackets.

They had the Pure Storm, the BLX 6.1 team and the Youtek Extreme Pro. I tried them all and I was really impressed with the 6.1 team. It was much stiffer than my Pure Storm Limited, but it wasn't uncomfortable. It was very easy to play and the backhand was simply amazing. I will give them all another shot on sunday and think about it. My partner who plays with the Aero ProDriver also liked the 6.1 team a lot.

I just hope it was the racket and not the string that made the difference ;s. Also, the 1/4 handle felt really comfortable and easy to play - much more than my 1/2 handle with the PSL.