Advice on new racquet


Hi guys,

2 weeks ago my K Team broked (custumized to 350g of weight). I've used some frames of the club (Aero Strom Tour, N Blade, MG Exreme, Aero pro Drive, MG Radical, and others..) since I broke it.

In the next mouth, I'll buy 2/3 new racquets but I'm confused with these:

- MG Prestige Pro
- MG Extreme Pro
- K90 or K88
- MG Prestige 93
- K Blade Tour

I'll prefer buy a racquet that have a more open string pattern...if you wonna know I string my racquet in high 40s.

I'm a 5.0 guy, play 80% on clay, 15% on grass and 5% on hard in the season. I have a good forehand, an OH Backhand, good net game, and good serve (flat and kick). I usually flat my fh and spin my bh.

What do you think about those racquets I mention, and do you have any advice??

p.s.: Love to be back here xD


Personally, I really like the K Blade Tour, but isn't stringing your racquet in the high 40's a bit too much power?


probably...but I play on clay and I don't like to play with high tensions at all..expecially if I string it with luxilon.