Advice please: sizing for BFII and Air Zoom Trainer - unable to try so need help!


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I'm currently wearing Barricade III US size 9 which is a tad too big - perhaps a quarter size.

Am looking to buy Nike Breathe Free II and Air Zoom Trainer from TW and because its hard to find here in Australia, I can't try this shoe on for size.

Any advice on sizing would be greatly appreciated, taking into account the Barricade III size 9 is a tad too big, should I go size US8.5 or 9 in BFII and AZT?

Barricade III 9 = BFII 9? BFII half size bigger or smaller?
Barricade II 9 = Air Zoom Trainer 9? AZT half size bigger or smaller?


Il Mostro

Tough question since they are your feet. Hope this helps a little... The Air Zoom's are roomy in the toe box but true to length and nice and snug in the heel. All in a good way, although I rarely wear these on the court. Roomy up front and very nice cushioning, particularly in the heel. Not as clunky feeling on the court as they look. Supreme lateral support if you need it.


I have both...both same size (11). The AT have much more room in the toe box area (for wider feet), but sizing is the same.