Advices for manual tennis stringing machine


It is just the opposite. The flying clamps that come with a machine have a fixed spacing and if you look at most rackets the string are not evenly spaced making it difficult to clamp 2 strings. Because fixed clamps only clamp 1 string it is faster and easier.
I've strung oversize racquets with fan patterns on my Gamma Progression II. Fixed clamps do not make you faster. All of this stems from the ego of having a "professional" electronic machine with all the bells and whistles, heated leather seats, blah blah blah nonsense.

I started with an Alpha Pioneer DC Plus. The thing SUCKED. Heavy as the burden of a bad wife, string always slipped out of the linear gripper(fine on crank machines, sucks on a dropweight)....String always slipping through the clamps...NO. As for Alpha and their strings and manual cranks, I love them, and they offer really great support, maybe the best I've encountered.

Owned a Prince Neos 1000. Probably the best and most accurate machine I've strung on, but got in a bind and had to sell it to pay rent when I was in my 20's. Otherwise I'd still have it....long story but I worked at a tennis center....manager heard I was a good stringer....he got mad I was taking business away from him so he called me on my birthday to tell me he was cutting my hours in half....yeah......ended up dying of a heart attack years later. I stood over his casket, looked him over and nodded, remembering what he had done. I got the last laugh, the son of a *****. Not only that, I picked up one of his customers leaving his visitation :cool:

Anyway.....after that I strung on an electric Alpha. The clamps were of the same quality as the Pioneer DC Plus. String slippage. Had to constantly be cleaned.

Then bought the Gamma Progression II about 8 years ago and it is absolutely the best machine I have owned. Still going strong.

I still plan to find a good condition Stringway MS 200 somewhere down the road. But until then, I'm very satisfied with my Gamma.


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Thank you for pointing this out. It is simpler like you said to buy what is close. I am based near Montpellier, France and my budget is around 1400€ for a stringing machine.

Did not find much information on Stringmasters machines, but they seem high quality. The warranty is only two year though and the website is hardly translated to english, so support would be hard to get to, I think? Premium Stringer is very praised in France, especially the Preium Stringer 3600. Does anyone have thoughts on this model? Apart from these brand, Stringway is the one I am looking forward the most.
That's a good budget.

In general, you usually get what you pay for with a stringing machine. The top end models aren't only expensive because of the electronics, but because of the value of the other components - string clamps, base clamps, turntable etc. Likewise the entry level machines tend to be less robust in these areas.

You are correct that there aren't many reviews of the Stringmasters on these forums, though there is a recent one here:

That model has the same turntable and base clamps as the Tourna 700-ES, which has a strong following here. The base clamps in particular have garnered much attention. I don't recall seeing any on the Premium Stringer - you may have to rely on more Euro-centric forums for that.

The good news is that for what you're willing to spend, I think it will be relative hard to go wrong. You're out of the realm of the cheapest machines, but not trying to overstretch by adding electronics. By purchasing a drop weight or crank you do retain the option to add a Wise tension head later should you wish, such as the poster in the above thread. I made a similar upgrade myself.

My personal suggestions:

- fixed clamps
- some form of stand (whether a machine stand, a trolley with drawers, or a suitable table at the location. 99% of us stand when we string)