Aeropro vs. O3 TOUR

Rafa Nadal

at the moment i play with the Babolat Aeropro, i search for a racquet with more control, im a hmm 4.0 player would you think, that the O3 will fit ?
Any one here played both racquets, and can compere them?


From the baseline the O3Tour has good control, but not great. I didn’t think it had great directional control from anywhere and volleys and touch shots were tough because of the very muted feel. But I could really get some wicked spin from it.

These are, of course, just my own impressions from playing with it 3 times. Other people on the board have liked it a lot.

It was also strung right at the midpoint with Duraflex 16, so it did not have the best stringing either and that may have contributed to my dislike of it.


I'm surprised you are looking for a new racket.
After hearing you say how great the AeroPro Standard was I demoed one but thought the Aero Drive Plus (+) was even better and bought two. I now have a huge serve. The higher swing weight doesn't make much differerence. I too play 4.0 (mostly doubles). I demoed both the Prince O3 Red and Tour for quite a while. The Tour has a little more weight which is good against the 4.5 big hitters. Neither has much pop but you can get some awesome spin they are VERY manuverable. You have to supply the power.
I found you have to keep the strings tight with the Aero Drive. I love my AeroDrive Plus !!!!!


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I demoed both of the racquets and hated the 03 in comparison with the aeropro drive standard. Stick with the aeropro, because the 03 is all about power, and if you want control get a POG


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My son has been using the O3 Tour for a month. He is 13, and plays competitively. Has a western forehand with a long swing.

Prior to the O3 he was using the Prince DB850.

With the O3, he was having trouble keeping the ball deep and it did not have enough pace. It allowed his opponents to pounce on most of his balls which were landing between the service and baseline.

This week he switched to the AeroPro Drive. Much easier swing, lots more pace, balls much deeper.
He said the O3 had a bit more control...but I can see a tremendous amount of improvement in his game with the AeroPro Drive.

Volley : AeroPro Drive
Serve : AeroPro Drive
Groundies : AeroPro Drive
Conclusion : AeroPro Drive

basil J

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03 needs some tweaking to get it to fit the player. I almost gave up on mine, but I have added some lead tape at 3:00 & 9:00, and have experimented with some different string types and tensions and have finally dialed into this racquet. I had the opposite problem that most people have. I thought that this racquet was a very high powered players frame, so I have strung it at 64# and I am now using Ashway strings and the trampoline effect that I had with duraflex and sensation is gone. This racquet is a serving monster and is very nimble at the net. I still am hitting an occasional sprayed backhand, but I have settled into this racquet pretty well now. It is extremely comfortable and has some good juice when you need it.


I have used both. The 03 is just OK compared to the APD. 03 didnt do anything great for me . I liked the APD much better.
I wouldn't make the switch if I was you. Give the Pure Storm a try if your looking to change.