Agassi autobiography excerpts..

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    Post links to excerpts..
    Except that one where the talks about the meth, his father, steffi and 92 wimbledon.
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    That would be a copyright violation
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    There's a thread in the former pro player section with the excerpts already.
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    No, it's not, assuming the excerpt is one that's been released to news outlets by the publisher, which in the case of the whole "meth" story, it clearly has.
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    Nov 9, 2009

    • On Sampras: Agassi says Sampras "sounds more robotic than" a parrot. At his depths, Agassi thinks: "I envy Pete's dullness. I wish I could emulate his spectacular lack of inspiration, and his peculiar lack of need for inspiration." Agassi tells of betting coach Brad Gilbert about how much Sampras tipped a parking valet; they ask the valet, who says $1; Agassi's conclusion: "We could not be more different, Pete and I."

    • On Chang: "He thanks God -- credits God -- for the win, which offends me. That God should take sides in a tennis match, that God should side against me, that God should be in Chang's box, feels ludicrous and insulting. I beat Chang and savor every blasphemous stroke." When Chang wins the 1989 French Open, Agassi thinks, "I feel sickened. How could Chang, of all people, have won a slam before me?"

    • On other opponents: Agassi writes about holding grudges against Becker (who Agassi says blew kisses at Shields during a match), Jim Courier, Thomas Muster, Yevgeni Kafelnikov, Jeff Tarango (who Agassi says cheated during a match between them when Agassi was 8).

    • On "tanking": Agassi says he lost on purpose against Chang in the Australian Open semifinals one year so he wouldn't have to face Becker in the final, writing: "It's almost harder than winning. You have to lose in such a way that the crowd can't tell." He also says of sports writers: "They never get it right. When I tank, they say I'm not good enough; when I'm not good enough, they say I tank."

    • On his fake hair: Of the 1990 French Open final, Agassi writes, "Warming up before the match, I pray. Not for a win, but for my hairpiece to stay on."

    • On the 1999 French Open final, which he won to complete a career Grand Slam: "I've already obsessed about this tournament for the last ten years. I can't bear the idea of obsessing about it for another eighty. ... If I don't win this thing right now, I'll never be happy, truly happy, again."
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    Wow. I respect Agassi for his candor but now I cant help thinking of him as this toupee/mullet/spandex wearing meth-head that talks **** about his fellow pros.

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