Agassi v Baghdatis 2006 US Open (Epic Match)


Only a 2nd round match, it felt more like a QF/SF.
It is one of my favorite matches of all time.

Agassi was on his farewell tour, and playing in his last slam in NY.
Dealing with back issues, Andre had cortisone injections before each match.
Marcos is at his career high and has shown the tennis world he has skills.
His heart is never in doubt, but a bit mercurial and a ? around his conditioning & diet.
This is their first match against each other...

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Epic contest - both played out of their socks. Its funny that Baghdatis gets a lot of stick on these boards after performances like that.
Performances like that? What part of "It was Agassi's second to last match in which he was 36 and receiving continuous injections" didn't you understand?


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I said it was an unbelievable Agassi and if Baghdatis had won that match, maybe he would have reached the final; that year the Cypriot was playing at a level like to be number one:



let's not forget Andre was playing at home, which is a big advantage having the largest tennis stadium cheering for you