Agassi's Clay Court Schedule


Seems like he's cutting his French Open preparation a little thin... He's skipping Houston (defending champion) and most likely Monte-Carlo (as always with Andre) I hope he goes to TMS Roma or I don't think he'll be adequately prepared for RG. What do you guys think? Also I think, unlike lots, that Andre still can win the French Open because of his great baselining. All this talk of retirement but he's stilll 3rd in the Champions Race. SHEESH! GO ANDRE! GO MARIA!


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It may help him stay fresh. Most of the best clay court players will play the full schedule, and that is tough on the body, so I wouldn't doubt if some of his competition comes to Roland Garros a little drained. Agassi has all the shots he needs to win, but the question is can his body hold up against the best young clay courters. Skipping many of the tournaments may give him a chance.


According to the Houston Chronicle this morning he is playing St Polten right before RG.

I'm not convinced he can win RG. QF's or SF's maybe. Typically he wins all the early rounds easy then, once he runs into an AAA-class claycourter (Coria, Ferrero) or even an AA-class (Grosjean) and things get a lot more difficult quickly.

I'm not an Andre-hater by any means but if you look at it pragmatically he really is getting exposed the last year or so by players that can make HIM run especially with a great down the line backhand.

I also still think he got very very fortunate against Medvedev a few years ago.


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The probability of AA winning French open is not that high. From the past few tournaments he played we observed that AA's footwork slowed down quite a lot. It's tough for someone is over 33(34) to keep up with 20ish young guns.

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With the way Agassi has been playing this year, it seems like if he tweaked his game about 5% it might suit him better. What i mean is taking a few more chances on certain shots. He seemed to play it too safe at times against Federer at Pacific Life. At the same time, if Andre executed a couple of key points in the 9th game of the third set, Fed would have been serving to stay in the match instead of serving to win it.

What if Andre morphed the long-haired Agassi with the present-day Agassi?. Opened up on his shots a little more often? He obviously does EXTREMELY well with his style(8 slams!)but to beat the best of the young guns out there, perhaps he might have to spice things up. Who knows? For a thousand people, there's a thousand opinions. Besides, typing this out provided me with a much needed study break! :D AA has always been my favorite, and although it's not a guarantee, I wouldn't be surprised to see him hoist up a grand slam trophy one more time before he decides to call it a day.

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For Agassi to win the French Open, he needs -

1) To play picture-perfect tennis for most of the two weeks. He's not going to win it with anything besides his best.

2) Get a bit lucky. Even if he plays perfectly, he still might lose when he encounters a Coria or a Ferrero or some othe hot claycourter. He needs a bit of luck of the draw to avoid some of those, or maybe a bit of luck to pull through a match or so that he really wasn't supposed to.

IMO, it's not too likely. His chances are probably lower than Coria or Ferrero or Federer's, though higher than Roddick's. And I'd say about equal to Moya's.

As to his schedule - I think cutting back is the right thing to do. He'll be practicing on clay, and he doesn't want to wear out his body. He's used to clay, he's experienced and doesn't need lots of matches to get the feel of things; and his body just can't afford a full season. It'll cost him in terms of ranking points, but it gives him a higher chance at winning a Major.


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I hope he goes to TMS Roma or I don't think he'll be adequately prepared for RG. What do you guys think?
I think that Agassi knows a lot better than you what he should or should not be doing prepare himself for RG.

Max G.

Agassi, or his support staff.

When there's an individual player making a decision, then it might be questionable (a la Federer dismissing his coach and managing everything himself), then we fans can possibly take issue about whether it's the right choice or not.

But someone like Agassi, who has a coach and a trainer and probably another expert or two to consult about this, is pretty sure to do the right thing, especially with his experience - he's been out there a while, he knows what he can or cannot do. I agree with Phil, he'd know better than anyone else.


Shorter time on clay won't really help Agassi as far as winning RG is concerned. It may help him to stay freshed.

Surely he's been out there for a long time, but he grew up on hardcourt, and plays on hardcourt for the most of time. So he still needs time to adjust. And I don't think one or two tournament is going to do it for him.

I don't think he will ever win RG again....My guess is that he won't go further than QF..of course it depends on the draw as well...


I heard he's only playing RG this year a little while ago. Like no other tournaments but it. But I guess he's playing St. Poelten too now. He'll make quarters or 4th round, no further. When he ran into Ferrero in 2002, he got taken. Grosjean took him in 2001, and Coria cleaned him last year. I think the same will happen this year....

And Max, great points, but I think Moya is a little higher up on winning chances. I mean Moya was 2 points from the semis last year, lost 6-8 (to a guy Verkerk, not too big of a player, but he was HOOOOOOOOOT). Agassi was taken pretty badly by Coria.


Agassi's preparation for tournaments has always been, shall we say, unique. The year he won Wimbledon, he practiced in Las Vegas on hard courts. Agassi has been quoted as saying his game translates well to any surface. His results at Grand Slam tournaments certainly back that up. And, with the best hand/eye coordination in the game, he probably doesn't have much to prep.


He doesn't have to prep his strokes, but he will need to prep his footwork. Sliding on the clay does not come naturally to him.



Agassi did practice on hardcourts prior to 92 wimby win. But grass is MUCH different from clay. Agassi himself says that he plays worse when he practices more on grass. Probably due to improvisation that he has to make....

Clay is much different story. You need to be on the stuff to get your mindset changed, adjust your strokes, footwork etc. Many pros will say that going from fast to slower surface can actually be harder than going from slower to faster.
Example: 2 1/2 months between the US Open and the time he played The Tennis Masters Cup in Houston. The difference there is it is the same surface. Hard court. And the other, is when they have their technically called "off season", that the tennis professionals have between the time they play the season enders to the time they go off down under to play the Australian Open. But like a lot of you guys said, only Andre and the rest of his people, his body, and his past, are the only things that can really tell what is actually good for Andre and his preparation. I know that Gil Reyes was quoted as saying one time that for Andre's preparation for clay is that they do a lot of work in the weight room building up his upper body, his chest and shoulders, because the ball sits up so much higher on the clay and you're hitting a lot more balls so you need to withstand all that physical punishment on your upper body. And obviously because of longer rallies you also need your legs as well, but as a tennis player that is a given. Especially in those five setters, with a possibility of no tie breaker. He also said that on the grass they work more of Andre's legs because you need to get so much lower to get to a lot of balls on grass. It's a great way of thinking, and it was thought of that not many tennis pros and their trainers looked at training like this ever before, until now. I know the more that Andre plays the happier I am, but if this will help him win another slam, or at least getting him further along in the tournament, then, well I'll put up with him not playing the pre-slam tournaments. Later


Foo4everlong, that really is smart thinking about Reyes training for grass and clay, makes a lot of sense. But I would work a lot on my cross-country training before going to the French if I wasn't playing in tourneys. I would be running a lot of miles, thats for sure.