Air Oscillate fit


how do the air oscillates fit in the forefoot? are they narrow or towards the wider side? thanks


Talk Tennis Guru
On one side, I always thought Nike is narrow.

On another, I think I have wide feet (used 2E-4E from NB)
Still, with these I felt comfortable everywhere.

But you have to buy half size more (I have 12 in Wilsons, 12.5 in Air Oscillates), as for many of the older Nikes.


I've never worn the Oscillates (I was more towards the Agassi stuff), but was wondering what the deal with these shoes were? from these posts, they were obviously very popular, but can I get an objective view of them compared to the Breathe Frees, which are also very popular? the reason I ask is that they are still available at some of our sneaker stores in Hong Kong and I am very tempted to get a pair...