Air Zoom Trainer


I baught a pair of them this morning. I am wondering if anybody has worn them for tennis. I don't know if I want to use them for tennis or everyday shoes.

Let me know what you thought, or know about them. If they are comfortable and what not.

Il Mostro

I bought these strictly as casual kicks and then wore them to practice one day. I was very surprised. Don't let the old school look fool you. These are light, very well cushioned and have a low ride. The 5/8th height might bug some people, but I find it is contoured low enough to be very comfortable and support is super. I now have two pairs (white/blue and black/silver) in rotation with my Barricade V's and Yonex SHT 306's. I really like these shoes.


They're comfortable and have supported upper, but flex incorrectly and excessively to be properly recommended for those dealing with PF or other types of foot pain. There isn't a distinct flex point, correct or incorrect; the entire forefoot flexes. I bought these for some light tennis/basketball, but as I've dealt with PF in the past, will likely wear these with caution during athletic activity.


does anybody know if they fit about the same as the Air Zom Vapor IV'S?

I have been wearing them for a while know, but I really don't like the V'S so I am switching.


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I like them a lot. I've been wearing for quite a while playing some serious tennis in them and they have served me quite well and comfotable. Not that it matters but Donald Young was wearing them on court just the other day in a match so they seem to work for other players as well.

Al Czervik

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I think they are way better than Vapors. Vapors feel clunky to me the way they hit the ground. These are a good, soft, low ride. You need to break them in for a week or two so the heel doesn't dig into your foot. After that, the high cut feels great. I have played about 10 times in them with pretty significant toe dragging and there is little evidence of wear, so the XDR material is holding up well.


i just picked these up at the ontario mills outlet for $60! they look awesome in person. but of course it'll be my casual shoes casue i only play in vapors and cages.


Sorry for the off-topic post but Prodigy, were there still a lot of sizes left at the outlet? I may have to go down this weekend and check it out.