Al Parker - what was his game like?


considered by many to be the best US junior of all time, but i was wondering if anyone on here ever saw him play or played against him. i read the article that came out in tennis magazine about 10 years ago about him, but have yet to hear anyone really describe his game.


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Isn't the deal with him that he was beating all the players that were now (then) great tennis players on the circut. I remember reading about him in Tennis magazine in 1990s


He was about 7 years behind me in the Jrs but I saw him at UGA and a bunch of college events. Very solid baseliner, had power and was also an excellent doubles player. I think he actully won more JR doubles titles than singles - he had a lower back issue that was hereditary that didn't show up until his first year at Georgia, some sort of disk separation issue that became his downfall. Played out his very successful UGA career in major pain and gave up tennis soon after. Went to Harvard for grad school and became an investment banker or broker.
WOW! That sucks! OTOH, investment bankers have the highest incomes of any profession by a large margin.


My guess is the injury prevented him from going on to greatness. However, I think the path he chose was a good one. In the long run, a degree or two from a good school is worth more than a few mildly successful years on the tour. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush so to speak. Of that great generation, only a handful made enough to retire. It's a long life, and it looks like he made some good decisions (especially if this is him, see below)...


Played Al Parker several times in the juniors at Southern’s and Nationals. High percentage tennis. Very few errors kept that ball deep. Run you like a dog.
That's cool you played him. Get a chance to play any other top players from that generation? I remember that TENNIS Magazine article about him that came out.


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Steven Enochs, Ricky Brown, and several others. Never got to play Agassi, Sampras. Friend of mine was the #3 Junior in the world and beat Pete a few times after he changed to a one handed backhand.
Al Parker you would play and it seemed like he didn’t miss a ball. Wear you down mentally as much as physically.


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Len Lopoo was a good friend of mine and trained every summer with him and Christian Valulous. Len battled in the finals a few times with Al Parker. Chris Baker, two hands off of both sides was always tough.
First time I played Al Parker was in the Southern 12’s in Columbia, SC. Knew it wasn’t looking good when someone was walking behind him carrying his tennis bag.
Never got to play Robi Soni who was in the top 4.