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    The 1959 world pro tour was a 4-man tour, with Gonzales and Hoad alongside 2 new pros in Cooper and Anderson. The new boys promptly got thrashed, not winning a single match against Gonzales, but they won enough matches against Hoad to give Gonzales the victory. That was the format. Gonzales won this tour, and thrashed Hoad in the US Pro final, although Hoad got revenge at the Tournament of Champions.

    In 1960, Gonzales barely played a tournament due to the end of that long contract with Kramer, but he dominated the 4-man tour involving Rosewall, Segura, and the newly turned pro, Olmedo.

    1961 had a lot of players involved on the tour (although Rosewall was absent), and Gonzales won that with ease. Gonzales won his 8th US Pro title.

    Rosewall admittedly did better overall in the tournament scene in 1960 and 1961, but the tours were the most important then. In 1960, he did a number on Rosewall on the 4-man tour, and in 1961 beat a lot of pros except Rosewall on the tour and backed it up with an 8th US Pro triumph.
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    Actually, there was a second world pro championship in 1958 and 1959 with a bonus money pool, both of which were won by Hoad. The Forest Hills event was a part of these tours, which consisted of major tournaments around the world, although the US Pro and Wembley, run by independent management, were not included in the circuit. Hoad defeated Gonzales in both Forest Hills events, and his combined record against Gonzales for the two tours was 6 wins and 6 losses, against Rosewall 7 wins and 5 losses. The 1958 tour consisted of five tournaments, the 1959 tour consisted of 14 tournaments.
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