Alexander Dolgopolov Retires


Very unique player if that makes sense, really liked having him around on the Tour. I'll always remember the 16-14 tiebreak he and Novak had at the US Open a decade ago.

Shame that fatigue causing syndrome he has prevented him from possibly achieving more and sticking around for longer. Happy retirement to Dolgo.

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Yes. (y)

One of Andy Murray's special skills on top spin 4 is called ''poisoned slices.'' I thought it would be a good name. I think somebody else on the game has that skill but it was all about Murray.
I hated playing him on expert. He would just spam crosscourt angles until he wrong footed you. Had to camp way over to one side to cover the crosscourt play whenever I played him


Seriously one of the most entertaining players to watch of the last decade or so. His matches at Wimbledon with Dimitrov and particularly Karlovic were about as good as anything you’ll see on grass in this day and age, and his first set against Novak at the US Open in I want to say 2011 or 12 was bad ASS culminating in one of the best breakers I ever saw.
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The (offensive)slice goat.

This one particulary hurts. I've been checking his IG for the last 2 years expecting a date for his comeback...


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When I had an outside court ground pass at Wimbledon, for a period he was one of the first players whose name I looked out for on the OOP and wanted to make sure that I was able to watch. I was delighted to see him live on several occasions.

A lot of fun to watch with his style, and I wish him well in the future.

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Always fun to watch. Wish there were more guys that would take some plays out of his book.
Is it too difficult to master/implement those skills at the pro level? Easier just to learn how to bash the ball?


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One of the most entertaining matches I’ve seen in person was when the ‘Dog’ took out Nadal at Indian Wells mostly hitting leaping BHs crosscourt to Nadal’s FH on a slow hard court. Both the crowd and Nadal could not believe he was gettting outhit in FH rallies to a righty BH.