Alexander Donski Vs Stan Wawrinka #operationliftoff

Liam Grennon


Hello All!
Some of you may have seen Alexander's youtube channel:

He made some really cool videos! He has been inactive due too his film student brother could no longer travel with him, but he came back to defend his title, as the Bulgarian national champion! This year he got a wildcard to the Sofia Open (ATP 250)! His Second-round opponent is Wawrinka! It's cool to see him into such a big event! Anyone have any thoughts on how he will fair vs Wawrinka assuming he gets there?


Talk Tennis Guru
I would not assume he gets there. His first round opponent will surely be ranked higher than anyone he has defeated?

That said, I like their youtube channel a lot. Very cool to see the journey chronicled from the inside.


Hall of Fame
That's great that he got a WC but he's still gonna face someone miles ahead of him in the first round. Anyone actually know how many points someone gets from winning the first round of a 250?? Anyway, if he does somehow win, it would be epic to watch him against Stan. Good luck Alex!!!