Alison Van Uytvanck claims Shuai Peng stalked her


In a recently released tweet by Alison, she claims that Shuai stalked her and her former coach at the time Alain De Vos “day and night” because she wanted her to withdraw from the doubles competition to play with Sania Mirza at the 2017 Wimbledon Championships.

The TIU suspended Shuai and her ex coach for bribing Alison with money into withdrawing from her match with Sania so they could play instead. She was suspended for 6 months and fined $10,000. She has vowed to return to professional tennis and denies bribing Alison but did admit to offering her the whole first round winnings so she can make rent for her house.

Some shady things going on here. Thoughts?

EDIT: forgot the links -

Alison’s Tweet:

Shuai’s Message in Weibo (Chinese Twitter) translated to English:
I doubt that ''stalked'' is the correct term here, as that usually has different connotations in everyday colloquial English.

Van Uytvanck is obviously an ESL speaker, so that may be why this mistake in language occurred.

That's not to defend Shuai at all, if the allegations are true. But I sense that ''harassed'' would be a better word to describe what Van Uytvanck is claiming.


Happens over a year ago, posted today.

Makes no sense since Sania played with Kristen Flipkins at wimbledon in 2017
Seems like a nothing burger. As long as there wasn't any match fixing. These back channel machinations probably go on a lot more than we know.


Wasn’t it ‘under investigation’ (and probably kept quiet) and the ban announced last week? The story in found was 8 August 2018.
Neither played with Sania in that tournament. How can she be punished for something that didnt happen either way?