All Is Right With The World: Air Federer Lands In London for Laver


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Big week for Maestronians :D hope he has some epic moments.



The full quote from the interview is cautiously optimistic:

Allow us one last sporting question: do you think he will be able to play in the Laver Cup?

He will probably decide that at the last moment. He's trained to have as much information as possible about whether it's a good idea or not. I'm excited.

Hes got the "comb over" going there. Why can't multimillionaires get some good hair transplants? Like Charles said, "Shave your head man.. Come on home". Nadal needs to come on home too.. That leftover scrap of hair of his is brutal

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Honestly be sad if it was just 1 doubles match with these resell prices. Imagine not getting that session.

jason n

Surprised Wilson didn’t release a special Laver Cup racquet this year. Even if they didn’t know he would be retiring it would have sold well and once he announced his retirement they definitely would have sold the entire run.