All matches from Justine Henin (In times of despair)


It's already posted with the video sticky but I just thought a reminder couldn't hurt anyone.

After all, we won't be seeing live footage from Henin ever again.

Here is the site with almost all of her matches on it.

I hope a lot of people will keep on enjoying her matches for a very long time!

Hope this helps...


Batoussai (a sad Belgian)


Oh my, thank you for posting this!

She was one player I never got to see in person, and I'm so shocked and saddened by this news! However, it is her decision, and I can totally see how she might be burned out and wanting to start a new part of her life.

I hope she finds a lot of happiness along the way.


I know this isn't 100% reliable. But if downloaded about 20 matches. It's just a site of a superfan who wants to bring the matches of Justine to the people.


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zOmg. Those are .exe's...Virus anyone?
those .exe files are to execute the file extraction process...if you download the 2nd/3rd parts you'll see they're in .zip rather than .exe. I've dowloaded a whole bunch of them, no viruses whatsoever.

I'm very appreciative of the guy who owns the site; such an extensive and well-catalogued collection is rare to come by.


Thanks for the link, Batoussai. I'll miss her game which was only worth watching in wta for quite a while.