All the records of the 1992 US Open won by Stefan Edberg

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    Sep 13, 2006
    The October 1992 issue of Tennis Magazine celebrated Stefan #Edberg's outstanding triumph at the US Open of that year, his last Grand Slam singles title, obtained with three consecutive comebacks from a break down in the fifth set and a final win on Pete Sampras. The Swede came back from Flushing Meadows with a set of records and the world n.1 again in his pocket by just three points...

    Read the article by Bruno Cuaz translated into English -->
    Download the pdf clipping -->

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    Great article. In a way, the 1992 US Open is Edberg's finest achievement, even though he was quite far from his peak terms of quality of play. He sort of won this on pure will.
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    Stefan was great to watch play. I wish he was still playing... Today's players are boring in comparison. Too bad everyone gets old eventually. My favorite all time player by far.
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    Great thread and thank you for posting the article and image - that '92 run is spectacular. I have revisited those matches over and over - each is special ( Even the Lendl-Becker 5 setter for the right to meet Edberg is fascinating dynamics and tennis). The chang/edberg semi still has me shaking my head at the richness of shot making and the contrast in styles...

    I hope that TTC is savy enough not to rerun these classic matches in prime time, too many current fans might actually see what they are missing today...
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