Alpha Axis Pro base clamp adjustment help


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One of the base clamps on my Alpha machine is slipping. In the past, cleaning the track with some alcohol helped, but I think it needs an adjustment this time. I've found the instructions, but I am having a problem. I remove the plastic plug from the back of the base. Inside is a car brake-like rubber material as expected. I rotate the clamp until I find a hole though this "puck". Deep in the hole there is some metal barely visible with a flashlight which I assume is the top of the metal part that protrudes through the track. However, there is really nothing that looks like a hex screwhead and I can't get any of the hex allen wrenches that came with the machine to engage with anything. There is a similar hole on the opposing side, but it's the same story there with the internals. Thinking there might be a problem with that clamp, I opened the other one and found the same thing.

Am I missing both adjustment screws, or am I doing something wrong?

Steve Huff

The hole for the tightening screw IS the one under the rubber plug. Turn the clamp base so that its at a 90 degree angle to the rail. You should have an approximately 3" long (both arms of the hex) that will fit back there to tighten it. If that doesn't work, you need to remove the rail using a different Allen wrench on the bottom of the base. Take the rail off and tighten the 2 bolts that hold the clamp to the rail. They do get loose occasionally.