Alpha Progression DC or Gamma 5003 to add WISE to


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(Error in thread title) I am looking at the Alpha Pioneer DC Plus, Revo 4000 and Gamma 5003 (which I can get used), and would like to request advice on what the trades might be between these, assuming I will add a WISE head downstream. I've strung several hundred rackets using my Klippermate since 1990, but am finally crying uncle and making the step up to something better. My intention is to string at home, and I will likely be doing approximately 5 rackets/week. If I go with either Alpha, I intend to get some sort of stand, but was concerned with the spacing on how the WISE might mount (both in terms of whether things would be too cramped to work, and if the strings coming out of the frame would be pulled downward too much, creating friction at the grommets). If you have any other advice or things I should consider, I'd certainly welcome that, too. Thanks!
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Google doesn't even rally the Alpha you mentioned.

Did you mean Pioneer?

If so, it has better base clamps than the Gamma 5003.

If adding a Wise, i'd go that route.


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Yes, I meant Pioneer (the Alpha dropweight machine) - thanks! I think all of the choices are getting jumbled in my head... And I appreciate the recommendation!
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I have the Alpha machine. I feel like the fit and finish is probably a little nicer on the Gamma machines, but the Alpha is very sturdy and certainly gets the job done. From pics on the web it looks like the Alpha + Wise doesn't pull 'down' any more than the Klippermate.

Alpha clamps use a different diameter post than Gamma, so if you want to change clamps or clamp bases, you need to find ones that are compatible. The Alpha clamps and the upgraded Alpha clamp bases I have are working just fine for me, so to me this doesn't matter much.

To add a Wise to Alpha:
1) You will need a bracket, and may want to make sure the bracket lets the tension head align with the center of the racket frame. This may require custom drilling in the bracket, I'm not sure. I don't think everyone pays attention to this, but the asymmetry would drive me nuts. The stock tension assembly has the gripper aligned with the center of the table pivot bearing. My OCD would want to keep it that way.
2) If you want to keep the "360 rotation" so the racket handle clears above the tension head, you'll need to make a spacer to raise the table a little from the base. There are some pics and some info in this thread:

I wouldn't mind the nicer fit and finish of a new Gamma machine, but I don't see it being worth $300 less the cost of a stand. I use a $30 wire shelf from a box store retailer and it works fine.


If these were my only choices, I would choose the Gamma 5003 assuming you have a place to store it and easily take it out. Up until last year I stored my upright stringer in pieces and I just hated having to assemble it to's not hard but just a mental block whenever I had to string...then I found a place in my house where I could put it on casters and roll it out and I was MUCH happier. If you don't have the space to store an upright without dis-assembly, then I would go with the Alpha.

I had the Gamma 5003 but I traded it for a NEOS. I really dislike double action clamps vs the fixed glide's just a slower process. Finding a used NEOS or ektelon H for about $500-$600 is very doable so keep that as an option.