Alpha Revo 4000 Updates?

I just came across information about updated clamps, brake, and gripper on the Revo 4000. Does anyone have any experience with these new features? The new clamps look a lot like Gamma clamps. I'm trying to decide between the Revo 4000 and comparable Gamma machines. This new information has confused things.

"Old" Revo 4000:

"New" Revo 4000 (notice base, crank, brake, clamps, yellow pads):

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I have the old version.

-The new base does look sturdier, but I never had a problem with mine and don't think I ever will.
-Not sure what was wrong with the old linear gripper and again I never had any problems with mine.
-New disc brake seems like a nice new feature if you need the brake. I only used the brake once when I strung a friends O3. I recall manually setting the brake was quite a pain.
-I think the newer clamps are a nice upgrade. They're supposedly thinner and can get into 'tighter' spaces when clamping.

I highly recommend the Alpha and and would definitely buy it again if given the choice. Seeing these new features make it that much better.