Alpha Tenacity


So I strung up a teamate's stick with Alpha Tenacity 16 because they wanted something like PSGD and I was out. I have read on here several people thought Tenacity played like PSGD, so I gave it a shot and told him let me know if he didn't like it. It is a Babolat Soft Drive and I strung it at 60lbs.

After he hit with it one time, seems like it is dropping tension pretty fast. Also, looks like it is notching pretty good.

Anyone have any experience with Tenacity's tension loss and durability? Is the tension loss typical even within the first 5 hours of play?

I still have some packs of it floating around, but I don't want to put them on someone else's racquet if it isn't going to perform pretty well as a main string. I will just use it as a hybrid cross instead.