Americans No Longer the Fattest

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by El Diablo, Jul 9, 2013.

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    Jun 22, 2007
    I'm not so sure that poor, or at least poorer, people can't mimic the Paltrow-type diet for a lot less money.

    For example: you can buy salmon patties at Trader Joes or Costco and flash frozen boxes of greens for not a lot of coin. Heat the vegetables and pour on some spices, fry the fish patties, and prepare a salad. It won't taste as good or be quite as nice as something made by a private chef, but it probably is fairly close in terms of nutritional value and it doesn't take any advanced cooking skills to make.

    In comparison to eating at McDonalds, the Trader Joes-type meal is probably less expensive if you don't factor in the time to cook. McDonalds is convenient and takes less thought, but it isn't exactly inexpensive or healthy.

    When most of the poor have access to refrigerators and kitchens, it really isn't that difficult to eat better if you're motivated. I think most people aren't really motivated or don't care.
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    Aug 14, 2006
    ^^What a novel idea!!
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    Yeah you as an individual can mimic her diet (to some unsavoury extent) - sure. Problem is if the government encouraged this - everyone would be doing it. There is only so much wild fish in the sea.. We are already nearly out of Bluefin Tuna..

    The government is hamstrung by other concerns besides your health. The cost, special interest etc etc. You can't count on them to fix nutrition. Its not crazy conspiracy talk its simply thinking about who the government would tick off if they started spreading anything but the mild half baked nutrition info they spread now.

    It reminds me of China. In China they tell their citizens not to play World of Warcraft more then like 5 hours a week - okay they demand it. But at the same time they build a coal plant around every corner and they have a populace choking on pollution. Its easy to tell people not to play video games. It's much harder to stop building cheap power plants. Don't expect the government to come to your rescue - they can't and they won't. Your welfare is way down their list of priorities.
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    Governments exist to protect the rich and powerful, including themselves. They have no other purpose.

    We actually need to cut back drastically on our consumption of all flesh, and massively increase our consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Common sense.

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    Governments issue advisory dietary recommendations and they also influence the education of children about dietary matters, so they play an important role but scarcely the only role.

    There are a lot of players in this market and governments outside of the US give reasonably good and independent advice.

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