An Austrian Stamp for Roger.


Austria's postal services will issue a stamp honouring Roger as the world's best tennis player.

The 65-centime stamp shows our champ winning the French Open this year (the photo was taken by Paul Zimmer), accompanied by the text "Best Tennis Player of the World". It will be designed by renowned Austrian stamp artist Renate Gruber.

The 400,000 stamps will go on sale next February. The Swiss Post had issued a special stamp featuring a photo of Roger's victory in Wimbledon in 2007.

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Galactico who loves A-rod

WTF is that, a stamp. A 3cm x 3cm piece of paper with an image of federer winning the FO. Why don't they just put it on a poster in stead, where the image is much more clear.

Why doesn't federer put the image of himself winning the french open with the GOAT initials on his shirt.
I can see South Africa doing the same.

Of course, like US and Canada, AUT and SUI have a lot in common, but it's still pretty cool that a country honors a sports personality from a neighboring country.

Can't really think of an equivalent. Maybe Pele on an Argentine stamp, hahah? OR Gretzky on a US stamp?

Or Borat on a Uzbek stamp, LOL!
Or Australia honoring Flight of the Conchords, hahaha.


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@galactico: this is an honor. a huge one. there has never ever been a living person on a swiss stamp before. in austria no idea though

the stamp itself is really ugly. don't know how they cant produce something like that (even I can do better with photoshop)

and here's the swiss one (that one I like)


i actually like the south africa stamp better because of the bright colors. on a white envelope it stands out more than the swiss one.


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Table tennis player Werner Schlager also had an Austrian stamp when he became world champion in 2003.
So, Roger is not the first one:)