Ana Konjuh with new Babolat Play PD


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just saw these pics from a couple of days ago. Interesting paintjob


I think it's a model from the 2012-2014 era of drive. Whichever ones had the "holed" bumper guards.

drive line:

Some junior pics from 2013 or so:

and some more recent ones with this year and last years model. Of course the swinging will give the illusion of an incomplete bumper guard in some pictures:

a drive lite from 2012 to show the bumper guard holes

her overwrap/band is high like Wozniacki's so you can't really see cortex. So yeah, I guess the same one she used in juniors; like an 8 year old frame.

...and for everyone that really does geek out - look for the blue strip in the head guard and the longer sides and you'll know they are using the newest frame.

Zhaoxuan Yang has it: